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Registrant Directory

The following register listing is alphabetical. Choose the link below which corresponds to the desired last name. You may also search for a specific member based on specific search criteria.

For Technical Specialist Registrants, click here.


Brandon L'Heureux Biological Sciences Sooke
Shelley La Charite, CTech Electronics Nanaimo
Kelly La Marge Information Technology Summerland
Alistar Laal Civil Victoria
Jay Labatte, AScT Electrical Kelowna
Pauline Labayo Building Coquitlam
Alex Joseph LaBounty Mechanical Lower Nicola
Paul LaBranche, AScT Civil Vancouver
Paul LaBreche, GradTech Biomedical North Vancouver
Beau Labrecque Building Kamloops
Dallas Lacey, AScT Civil Coquitlam
Gerritt Lacey, GradTech Civil Dawson Creek
Justin Lacey, GradTech Electrical Chilliwack
Rob Lachance, CTech Electronics West Kelowna
Grant Lachmuth, AScT, RTMgr Civil Summerland
Andrew Lackner, GradTech Civil Pitt Meadows
Peter Lacoste, CTech Electronics Abbotsford
Ian Lacoursiere, AScT Civil Burnaby
Laurie Lacovetsky, CTech, CHI Building Roberts Creek
Jim LaCroix, AScT Civil Vernon
Stewart Ladyman Honourary Member Penticton
Otmar Laehrm, AScT Mechanical Summerland
Melissa LaFace, GradTech Biological Sciences Rossland
Katya Lafakis Mining Vancouver
Lee Lafayette, AScT Mechanical Castlegar
Daniel Lafond, AScT Civil Vancouver
Rodney Lafontaine, AScT Electronics Prince George
Jesse Laframboise, AScT Biological Sciences Prince George
Peter Lagan, AScT Electronics Victoria
Jacob Lagasse Electrical Nanaimo
Arbelle Laguador, GradTech Electronics Surrey
Derek Lai, AScT Geomatics Burnaby
Derek Lai, GradTech Civil Vancouver
Jeffrey Lai, GradTech Mechanical Kamloops
Chris Lai, AScT Electrical Surrey
Parco Lai, GradTech Mechanical Burnaby
Patrick Lai, AScT, CPWI 2 Civil Richmond
Patrick Lai, CTech Electronics Vancouver
Stephen Lai, AScT Electrical Vancouver
Yue-Choy Lai, AScT Metallurgical Coquitlam
Peter Laing, AScT Electronics Surrey
Scott Laird, CTech Electrical Victoria
Calvin Lal, AScT Mechanical Surrey
Alfred Lam, CTech Electrical Vancouver
Annie Lam, CTech Civil North Vancouver
Danny Lam, CTech Civil Vancouver
Dennis Lam, CTech Electronics Coquitlam
Harmony Lam, AScT Civil Vancouver
Chris Lam, AScT Civil Yellowknife
Jack Lam, AScT Building Coquitlam
James Lam, AScT Building Vancouver
Johnson Lam, GradTech Electronics Vancouver
Alan Lam, AScT Civil Burnaby
Monica Lam , GradTech Biological Sciences Vancouver
Paul Lam, GradTech Civil Burnaby
Steve Lam, AScT Mechanical Vancouver
Yick Chung Lam, GradTech Mechanical Coquitlam
Rod Lama, GradTech Civil Victoria
Tanya Lamarche, AScT Building Kamloops
Marnie Lamarre Mechanical Surrey
Dan Lamb, AScT Civil Okanagan Centre
Dan Lambert Honourary Member Langley
Mike Lambert, CTech, RTMgr Civil Ladysmith
Nicholas Lambert, GradTech Mechanical Burnaby
Kristen Lambke, GradTech Biological Sciences Burnaby
Angela Lambrecht, AScT Environmental Kelowna
Jason Lammers, GradTech Civil Saanich
Justin Lammi, GradTech Electronics Kamloops
Darwin Lamont, AScT, CPWI 3 Civil Squamish
Lloyd Lamont, AScT Industrial Langley
Robert Lamothe, AScT Electrical Millbay
Michelle Lampron Biological Sciences Victoria
Sheree Lancaster, AScT Civil Summerland
Jeff Landa, AScT Mechanical Lantzville
Armand Landas, AScT Civil Surrey
Robert Landell, AScT Mechanical Victoria
Michelle Landry, AScT Gas & Petroleum Madeira Park
Marty Landucci, AScT Building Delta
Brodie Lane, GradTech Electronics Vancouver
Bryan Lane, AScT Gas & Petroleum Port Moody
William Lane, GradTech Electrical Salmon Arm
Andy Lang, AScT Building Victoria
Clayton Lang, GradTech Civil Vernon
J. Paul Lang, CTech Electronics Victoria
Zachary Lang, GradTech Electrical Victoria
Edwin Lange, AScT Electronics North Vancouver
Kurtis Lange, GradTech Mechanical Surrey
Marko Langerholz, CHI Building Mission
Cory Langevin, AScT Mechanical Kamloops
Bob Langfield, CHI Building Fernie
Chris Langley, AScT Geomatics Vancouver
John Langtry, AScT Geomatics Vancouver
Vijay Lanji, AScT Gas & Petroleum Abbotsford
Emily Lankhorst Biomedical Surrey
Alecia Lannan Biological Sciences Castlegar
James Lanning, AScT Geomatics Richmond
Derek Lanoville, AScT Mechanical Dartmouth
Farron Lansdowne Civil Terrace
Peter Lansdowne, AScT Civil Terrace
Kate Lansley, AScT Biological Sciences Quadra Island
Jackson Lapointe Mining Langley
Steven Lapp, AScT Mechanical Victoria
Joey Laquerre, AScT Building Prince George
Chris Laramee, GradTech Civil Kelowna
Benjamin Laraya, AScT Civil Surrey
Julius Lardizabal, AScT Electrical Richmond
Geoff Large, GradTech Mechanical Shawnigan Lake
Attilio Larghi, AScT Mechanical Burnaby
Rick Larin, AScT Civil Vancouver
Patrick Larkin, AScT Electronics North Vancouver
Daniel Laroche, CTech Mechanical St. Albert
Nancy LaRochelle, CTech Civil Coquitlam
Mike LaRock Honourary Member Courtenay
Harriette Laroco Chemical Vancouver
Vince Larocque, AScT Civil Vancouver
Kelli Larsen, AScT Environmental Port Coquitlam
Dean Larson, AScT Electrical Fort Nelson
John Larson, CRD Building Qualicum Beach
Michael Larson, GradTech Electronics Vancouver
Michael Lasby Civil Peachland
Corina Lascano Building Coquitlam
Dominik Lasecki, GradTech Electrical Port Coquitlam
Erling Lassesen, AScT Electronics Abbotsford
Cody Last, CTech Civil Dawson Creek
Pete Last, GradTech Biomedical Abbotsford
Kevin Lastoria, AScT, CPWI 2 Civil Ladner
Codey Latimer, AScT Biological Sciences Thornhill
Morgan Latremouille, GradTech Mechanical Delta
Patrice Lattanzio, GradTech Chemical Trail
Connie Lau, CTech Civil Vancouver
Erik Lau, AScT Electrical Burnaby
Nathaniel Lau, CTech Civil Richmond
Simon Lau, AScT Mechanical Regina
Vinson W.K. Lau, AScT Civil Burnaby
Kevin Lavack, AScT Electrical Vancouver
Aaron Lavalle, AScT Building Vancouver
Zachary Lavallee Civil Prince George
Richard Lavigne Mechanical Westbank
Francisco Lavina, AScT Environmental Richmond
Brad Laviolette, AScT Mechanical Surrey
Gary Law, AScT Biomedical Vancouver
Sam Law, AScT, CPI Civil Burnaby
Oliver Law Mechanical Surrey
Sharon Law, AScT Biomedical Vancouver
Glenn Lawley, AScT Chemical Fort St. John
Nick Lawlor, CTech, CPWI 3 Civil New Westminster
Robert Lawlor, GradTech Civil Penticton
Gary Lawrence Building Kamloops
Gilyana Lazareva Civil Burnaby
Danny Lazaro, CTech, ROWP Environmental Victoria
Alexander Lazarz Information Technology Saanichton
Gavrilo Lazic Electronics Burnaby
Brenda Quynh Le, GradTech Civil Vancouver
Quan Le Chemical Vancouver
Thang Le, AScT Electronics Vancouver
Sophia Le Biomedical Vancouver
Dan Le Blanc, CTech Electrical Kelowna
Michael Le Morvan, AScT Geomatics Prince George
Abraham Le Roux, CTech Mechanical Belcarra
Kristian Leach, CTech Civil Coquitlam
Chris Leaming, AScT Building Richmond
Chloie Leander, GradTech Civil Surrey
Jet Leano, AScT Civil Delta
Lucas Leatherdale, GradTech Mechanical Kelowna
Cody LeBeau, GradTech Mechanical Pritchard
Nadia Lebel, GradTech Biological Sciences Crescent Valley
Gary LeBlanc, CTech Electronics Langley
Glen LeBlanc, AScT Civil Burnaby
Reg LeBlanc, AScT Civil Quesnel
Barrie LeBlond, CTech Civil Kamloops
Levi Lebrun Mechanical Kelowna
Jake Lebus, GradTech Electronics Courtenay
Rod Lecher, AScT Mechanical Prince George
Robert Lechner, AScT, CPWI 2 Geomatics Surrey
Clarke Leckie, GradTech Electrical Vancouver
Cecil LeClair, AScT Electronics Surrey
Douglas Leclair, CTech Industrial Port Coquitlam
Christopher Lecuyer, AScT Civil Langley
Scott Lecy, CTech Electrical Richmond
Pierre Ledesma, AScT Electrical Richmond
Teralynn Ledger, GradTech Building Kamloops
Ian Ledwith, CTech Mechanical Fruitvale
Aaron Lee, AScT Electronics Burnaby
Adrian Lee, AScT Civil Coquitlam
Andy Lee, AScT Civil Burnaby
Benjamin Lee Mechanical West Kelowna
Brandon Lee Building Kamloops
Chris Lee, AScT Building Surrey
Chul Lee, CHI Building Surrey
Danny Lee, AScT Mechanical Abbotsford
David Lee, AScT Building Vancouver
David Lee, GradTech Biomedical Langley
Frank Lee, GradTech Building Richmond
Fred Lee, AScT Mechanical Richmond
Gorman Lee, AScT Civil Victoria
Herbert Lee, AScT Civil Vernon
Herman Lee Civil Victoria
Brian Lee , GradTech Biomedical Surrey
Hyunki Lee Electronics Burnaby
James Lee, CTech Geomatics Burnaby
Jangjae Lee, GradTech Civil Abbotsford
John Lee Civil Vancouver
Jun Ho Lee, AScT Mechanical Vancouver
Ryan Lee Mining Burnaby
Kenneth Lee, AScT Building Richmond
Ken Lee, AScT Civil North Vancouver
Kenneth Lee, AScT Electronics Burnaby
Kevin Lee Geomatics Victoria
Kiho Lee Mining Burnaby
Kuo-Chen Lee, GradTech Electronics Surrey
KyungHo Lee Electrical Burnaby
Larry Lee, AScT Building Coquitlam
Mandy Lee Electrical Vancouver
Mark Lee, GradTech Civil Vernon
Michael Lee, AScT Civil Victoria
Michael Lee, AScT Electronics Richmond
Michael Lee, CTech Civil Vancouver
David Lee, GradTech Mechanical Coquitlam
Jimmy Lee, GradTech Civil Surrey
Ping Lee, AScT Electronics Surrey
Pius Lee, AScT Civil Burnaby
Rachel Lee Biological Sciences Surrey
Scott Lee, GradTech Mechanical Vancouver
Ser Lee, AScT Civil Vancouver
Sharon Lee, AScT Civil Victoria
Simon Lee, AScT Civil Port Coquitlam
Stephen Lee, AScT Electronics Burnaby
Stephen Lee, AScT Chemical Burnaby
Sung Ho Lee, GradTech Geomatics Victoria
Sun Lee, GradTech Instrumentation Burnaby
Max Lee Civil Surrey
Victor Lee, GradTech Electronics Vancouver
Aaron Lee, AScT Building Langley
Tyler Lee-Jarvis, GradTech Mechanical Cobble Hill
Adrienne Leech, GradTech Civil Victoria
John Leech, AScT Civil Nanoose Bay
Matthew Leemet Electrical Surrey
Carol Lees Electronics Richmond
Fraser Lees, AScT Civil Surrey
Dave Lefler, GradTech Mechanical Victoria
Cassandra Legacy Mining Vancouver
Kim Legard, AScT Civil Prince George
Joe Legaree, AScT Civil Barriere
Cory Legge, AScT Building Surrey
Ivan Leggett, AScT Chemical Anmore
Bob Leggett, AScT Building Richmond
Gina Lego, CTech Geomatics Delta
Nicholas Lehnart, GradTech Civil North Vancouver
Yvon Lehoux, CTech Mechanical Surrey
Peter Lei, AScT Civil Burnaby
Murray Leiding, AScT Civil Langley
Matt Leigh, CTech Civil Abbotsford
Dave Leitch, AScT Civil Courtenay
Niran Lella, AScT Electrical North Vancouver
William Lem, AScT Industrial Calgary
Phil Lemay, AScT Civil Langley
Tye Lemery Electronics Delta
Nathaniel Lemke Electronics Smithers
Steven Lemmen, AScT Electronics Victoria
Lloyd LeMoignan, AScT Building Abbotsford
John Lemond, AScT Mechanical Mission
Colleen Lenart, GradTech Chemical Cranbrook
Holden Leng Mining Burnaby
Gary Lengle, AScT Industrial Surrey
Brian Lennox, CTech Metallurgical Kitimat
Philip Lennox, AScT Biomedical Victoria
David Lenton, AScT Civil Victoria
Chris Leonard, CTech Civil North Vancouver
Bing Leong Electronics Richmond
Kirby Leong, AScT Mechanical Vancouver
Tit Liviu Lepadatu, AScT Electronics Coquitlam
Genevive Lepage Geomatics Castlegar
Justine LePage Parco, AScT Electronics Port Coquitlam
Alex Leporda, CTech, CHI Mechanical Delta
Ozzie Lepore, CTech Civil Burnaby
Domenico Lepri, AScT Mechanical Vancouver
Phillip LeRoss, GradTech Civil Victoria
Sean Leroux, GradTech Mechanical Maple Ridge
Amanda Leschuk Building Kamloops
Stewart Leslie, AScT Civil Delta
Neil Leslie, AScT Electronics Lantzville
Roy Leslie, AScT Building Victoria
Jay Lesosky Electronics Sooke
Josh Letendre Civil Prince George
Naomi Letnick Civil Kelowna
Chelsea Letourneau, GradTech Civil Burnaby
Todd Letourneau, AScT Geomatics Salmon Arm
Gary Letts, AScT Environmental Maple Ridge
Brian Leung, CTech Geomatics Victoria
Cheuk Leung, AScT Geomatics Vancouver
Daniel Leung, AScT, CHI Civil Richmond
Forster Leung, AScT Mechanical Delta
Henry Leung, AScT Electronics Coquitlam
Jason Leung, GradTech Electrical Richmond
Jeremy Leung, GradTech Mechanical Port Moody
Jim Leung, AScT Mechanical Burnaby
Sam Shi-Kwan Leung, AScT Electrical Delta
Wallace Leung, AScT Mechanical Richmond
Wayne Leung, GradTech Mechanical Burnaby
Mike LeVae, AScT Electronics Mission
Frank Levenheck, AScT Mechanical Delta
Dustin Levesque, AScT Electrical Prince George
Carly Levinsky, GradTech Civil Summerland
Michael Lew, CTech Civil Vancouver
Chris Lewis, AScT Civil Bellingham
Jim Lewis, CTech Mechanical Mooretown
Richard Lewis, AScT Civil Burns Lake
Trevor Lewis, AScT Civil Rosedale
Ryan Li, GradTech Electrical North Vancouver
Meiko Li Electrical Vancouver
Katherine Li, CTech Civil Surrey
Harry Li, GradTech Mechanical Victoria
Jerry Li, AScT Chemical Vancouver
Joseph Li Mechanical Surrey
Jing Li, AScT Mechanical Burnaby
Jung Li, AScT Electrical Burnaby
Peter Li, GradTech Electronics Vancouver
Roger Li, GradTech Mechanical Fort McMurray
Samuel Li, AScT Building Vancouver
Stefanie Li Civil Burnaby
Sophia Li, CTech, RBD Building Vancouver
Tim Li, AScT Environmental Port Moody
Tsz Ho Darrell Li, GradTech Mechanical Pitt Meadows
Wei Li, AScT Electrical Burnaby
David Li Electrical New Westminster
Wei Zhao Li Biomedical Port Moody
Wenxin Li, CTech Building Port Coquitlam
Woody Li Civil Surrey
Shawn Li, AScT Civil Vancouver
Zhuhuang Li Electrical Vancouver
Jones Liam Civil North Vancouver
George Liang, AScT Biological Sciences Surrey
Hank Liang, CHI Civil Surrey
Qiao Min Liang, AScT Electrical Coquitlam
Wen Jie Liang Mechanical Vancouver
Shirlyn Liao, AScT Civil Coquitlam
Tim Libby, GradTech Mechanical Penticton
Giuseppe Liberatore Building Burnaby
Gerry Librada, AScT Electrical Surrey
Marc Licup, GradTech Civil Surrey
Sandra Liddell, GradTech Civil Sooke
Erik Lidstone Mechanical Shawnigan Lake
Jeffrey Lieffering, GradTech Mechanical Mission
Madalyn Light, GradTech Mechanical Kelowna
John Liikala, AScT Electronics Calgary
Tristan Liivamagi Electronics Vancouver
Kyle Lilburn, GradTech Mechanical Victoria
Simon Lillis, AScT Chemical Mission
Edson Lim, GradTech Mechanical Richmond
Edwin Lim, AScT Building Vancouver
Gyeonghan Lim Civil Kelowna
Irenaeus Lim, AScT Electronics Coquitlam
Jose Lim, AScT Electronics Victoria
Mac Lim Electronics Vancouver
Thian Lim, AScT Electrical Burnaby
Jean Lima, GradTech Electronics Campbell River
Jann Sebastian Limin, GradTech Mechanical Burnaby
Miguel Limin, GradTech Electrical Surrey
Dennis Lin, GradTech Electronics Richmond
Eric Lin, GradTech Mechanical Surrey
Linda Lin, GradTech Civil Coquitlam
Marcus Lin, AScT Industrial Richmond
Quan Xing Lin Chemical Vancouver
Ryan Lin, GradTech Civil Burnaby
Gordon Lind, AScT Mechanical Vancouver
Jim Lindberg, AScT Gas & Petroleum West Kelowna
Sarah Linde Environmental Burnaby
Christopher Linden, AScT Biomedical Vancouver
Darrell Lindhout, CTech Civil Chilliwack
James Lindhout, GradTech Civil Rosedale
Graeme Lindsay, AScT, RBD Building Penticton
Jess Lindsay, AScT Civil Kelowna
Karac Lindsay Biological Sciences Victoria
Richard Lindsay Honourary Member Vancouver
Bill Lindsay, AScT Electronics Prince George
Anders Lindstrom, AScT Mechanical Nanaimo
Lars Lindstrom, AScT Building Prince George
Donald Lines, CTech Gas & Petroleum Delta
Ashley Ling, AScT Chemical Vancouver
Ariel Lingbawan, AScT Mechanical Kelowna
Nicole Link, GradTech Building Kamloops
Peter Link, CTech, CPI, RRFA Building Surrey
Reginal Linn, AScT Civil Hope
John Linton, AScT Electrical Kamloops
Jesse Lioce, GradTech Chemical Trail
Bella Lioznyansky, AScT Mechanical Vancouver
Daniel Lipinski, GradTech Mining Vancouver
Victor Lipp, AScT Electrical Penticton
Ian Lippert Electronics Nanaimo
Uri Lipshitz, AScT Civil Surrey
Kris Lipski, AScT Biological Sciences New Westminster
Mark Liscum, AScT Civil Victoria
Thomas Liteplo, AScT Mechanical North Vancouver
Ryan Littau, GradTech Electronics West Kelowna
Jeff Little, AScT, CPWI 1 Civil Port Moody
John Little, GradTech Civil Victoria
Richard Little, AScT Electronics Chetwynd
Warren Littlejohn, AScT Forest Engineering Victoria
Trevor Litwin, GradTech Mechanical Burnaby
Jim Litzen, AScT Civil Prince George
Chong Liu, GradTech Civil Kelowna
Hsin-Lin Liu Electrical Surrey
Jason Liu, GradTech Civil Burnaby
Alvin Liu, GradTech Electrical Langley
Kevin Liu, AScT Civil Richmond
Daniel Liu Electrical Coquitlam
Yang Liu, GradTech Information Technology Edmonton
Ca Liu Biomedical Vancouver
Mark Liudzius, AScT Building Victoria
Brandon Livingstone, GradTech Civil Surrey
Eraj Liyanage, GradTech Civil Surrey
Mario Llacuna, AScT Electrical Burnaby
Aly Llamado Building Richmond
Grace Llavore, AScT Building Langley
Noel Llavore Electrical Port Coquitlam
Brett Lloyd, AScT Industrial Vancouver
Byron Lloyd, AScT Civil Port Alberni
Charlene Lloyd Biological Sciences East Sooke
John Lloyd, CTech Civil Westbank
Pam Lloyd, GradTech Civil Victoria
Eric Lo Biomedical Surrey
Hiep Lo, AScT Civil Surrey
Charles Lo, AScT Electrical Vancouver
Ming Lo Mechanical Richmond
Peter Lo, AScT Electronics Vancouver
Vincent Lo, GradTech Mechanical Vancouver
John Locher, AScT Civil Qualicum Beach
Matthew Lochran Civil Victoria
Ashley Locke Civil Victoria
Henry Locke, CTech Civil Duncan
Tom Locke, AScT Building Langley
Doug Lockhart, AScT Mechanical Cobble Hill
David Lockhart, AScT Environmental Victoria
Chris Lodder, AScT Mining Bogota CU
Sarah Loedel Building Kamloops
Bert Loehner, AScT Mechanical Vancouver
Mark Loenen, AScT Electronics Surrey
John Loeve, AScT Mechanical Vancouver
Bradley Lofgren, AScT Mechanical Surrey
David Lofstrom Electronics Westbank
Brad Logan, AScT Electrical Cobble Hill
Glenn Lohnes, AScT Mechanical Kelowna
Jazmin Lohse, AScT Civil Burnaby
Joe Lojpur, AScT Electronics Nelson
Jason Lok, GradTech Mechanical Coquitlam
Ken Lomness, AScT Electrical Salmon Arm
Alan Long, AScT Electrical Langley
David Long, AScT Civil Kamloops
Harry Long, AScT Civil Surrey
Henry Long, AScT Electrical Burnaby
N. David Long, AScT Civil North Vancouver
Philip Long, AScT Civil Kelowna
Seamus Long Civil Maple Ridge
Peter Longhi, AScT Building Maple Ridge
Tony Longman, CTech Civil North Saanich
Scott Longman, AScT Mechanical Surrey
Craig Longmuir, AScT Civil Maple Ridge
Ian Longmuir, AScT Electrical Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland
Alex Longson, AScT Mechanical Vancouver
Michael Lonsdale, AScT Civil Qualicum Beach
Samuel Loo, AScT Mechanical Vancouver
Manuel Loo Chan, GradTech Electronics Vancouver
Miguel Loo Chan, GradTech Mechanical Vancouver
Jules Looy Civil Victoria
Clarion Lopes, CTech Electrical Burnaby
Ernesto Lopez, AScT Electronics Richmond
Nicolas Lopez Garcia Biological Sciences Victoria
Aaron Lore Mechanical Vancouver
David Lorenzi, GradTech Civil Vancouver
Justin Lorette, GradTech Chemical Richmond
William Los, AScT Electronics Mill Bay
Mario Loschiavo, AScT Civil Kelowna
Ralph Loschiavo, AScT Electronics Brentwood Bay
Cecil Loss, AScT Civil North Vancouver
George Lott, AScT, RTMgr Electrical Surrey
David Loucks, CTech Instrumentation Okanagan Falls
Marisa Loude, AScT Civil Kelowna
Neil Lougheed, GradTech Electronics Oliver
Darryl Louie, AScT Electronics Richmond
Harry Louie, AScT Electrical Vancouver
James Louie Biomedical Coquitlam
Janine Louie, AScT Building Vancouver
Sarah Loutfi Building Kamloops
Steve Lovas, AScT Mechanical Surrey
David Love, GradTech Civil Kelowna
Stephen Love, AScT Building Burnaby
Kenneth Loven, AScT Electronics Qualicum Beach
Ralph David Kim Lovino, GradTech Electrical Surrey
Albert Low, AScT Civil Calgary
Derek Low, GradTech Civil Revelstoke
Dick Low, AScT Civil Richmond
Edward Low, AScT Mechanical Brentwood Bay
Norman Low, AScT Industrial Richmond
Ben Lowe Electronics Burnaby
Chris Lowe, AScT Electrical Langley
Harry Lowe, CTech Civil Nanoose Bay
Jim Lowrie, AScT Civil Burnaby
Stephen Lowther, AScT Building Victoria
Grant Loyer, AScT, RTMgr Civil Lillooet
Mary Lu, AScT Geomatics Surrey
Joe Lu, AScT Mechanical Burnaby
David Lu, AScT Electronics Coquitlam
Ben Lubberts, GradTech Civil Victoria
Kyler Lucas, GradTech Civil Kelowna
Lloyd Lucas, AScT, CPI Building Coquitlam
Mitchell Lucas, RFPT Biological Sciences Maple Ridge
Lucas Lucas Mining Surrey
Walter Lucchetta, AScT Civil Vancouver
Francis Lucero, AScT Mechanical Burnaby
Neil Lucero, AScT Civil Langley
Kevin Luckhart, AScT Civil Port Moody
Tee Luechachandej, CTech Electrical Vancouver
Sam Lui, AScT Mechanical Richmond
Edwin Luk, AScT Electronics Vancouver
Megan Luk, AScT Building Richmond
Ken Lukawesky, AScT Mining Burnaby
Bradley Lum Civil North Vancouver
George Lum, CTech Mechanical Vancouver
John Lum, AScT Civil Burnaby
Grant Lund, AScT Chemical Gibsons
Erik Lundell, AScT Mechanical Sooke
Chris Lung, AScT Building Port Coquitlam
Casey Lunn, AScT Mining Calgary
Peter Lunness, AScT Electronics Victoria
Gary Luo, AScT Industrial Vancouver
Stephen Lupick, AScT Mechanical Surrey
John Lusney, AScT Civil West Vancouver
Emily Lussin, AScT Civil Sechelt
Brian Lutke, AScT Civil Whistler
Cameron Lutz, AScT Mechanical Vernon
Dayna Lutz Building Chilliwack
Curtis Luu Mechanical Vancouver
John Luu, AScT Electronics Surrey
Hanh Luu, AScT Mechanical Coquitlam
Thai Ly, GradTech Civil Burnaby
Richard Lyall, AScT Mechanical Port Coquitlam
Knut Lyngberg, AScT Geomatics Victoria
Jordan Lynn Mechanical Victoria
Mike Lynnes, AScT Electronics 150 Mile House
Wesley Lyon, AScT Civil Victoria
Dan Lyons Biological Sciences Vancouver
Aaron Lypkie Biological Sciences Victoria
Rodney Lyster, GradTech Electronics Calgary
Rolf Lyster, AScT Electronics Maple Ridge