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Registrant Directory

The following register listing is alphabetical. Choose the link below which corresponds to the desired last name. You may also search for a specific member based on specific search criteria.

For Technical Specialist Registrants, click here.


Johann Baart Geomatics Richmond
Erica Baartman , GradTech Civil Abbotsford
Greg Babcock, AScT Gas & Petroleum Prince George
Zoran Babic, CTech Mechanical Kelowna
Brice Babuik, AScT Civil Mission
John Simon Bacabac Mechanical Vancouver
Raymond Bacchus, CTech Electrical Surrey
Chris Bach Electronics Peachland
Ken Bach, CTech Electronics Kelowna
Richard Bachand, AScT Civil Kamloops
Damanpreet Bachra Chemical Surrey
Sarabjeet Bachra, AScT Building Burnaby
Corey Bachynski, GradTech Mechanical Port Coquitlam
Renato Baciles, CTech Electrical Surrey
Nicholas Back, AScT Building Dallas
Adriano Badaraco, AScT Building Coquitlam
Ben Badke, AScT Civil Mesachie Lake
Tamara Badkerhanian, AScT Building
Sunghun Bae Mechanical New Westminster
Drew Baerg, GradTech Mechanical New Westminster
Don Baergen, AScT Electronics Parksville
Peter Baetz, AScT Electronics Delta
Mike Bagheri Electrical Coquitlam
Bill Baglot, GradTech Mechanical Vancouver
Ian Bahlmann, AScT Mechanical Calgary
Arman Bahrini, GradTech Electrical Langley
Alisa Bailey, AScT Building Langley
Enid Bailey, AScT Building Kamloops
Keegan Bailey Information Technology Victoria
Lisa Bailey, AScT, ROWP Civil Prince George
Michael Bailey, GradTech Civil Victoria
Ross Bailey, AScT Electronics Ladysmith
Steve Bailey, GradTech Mechanical Delta
Taryn Bailey, GradTech Building Chestermere
Bob Baillie, AScT Civil Delta
Robert Bain, CTech, CPWI 3 Civil Mission
Gurjot Bains Mechanical Surrey
Hajveer Bains, GradTech Biological Sciences Victoria
Jagtar Bains, CTech Civil Victoria
Karnjit Bains Chemical Surrey
Kulwant Bains Electrical Surrey
Nabtej Bains Mechanical Surrey
Roy Bains Civil Edmonton
Steve Bains, AScT Building Burnaby
Fareed Bajwa, GradTech Mechanical Surrey
Tejpaul Bajwa, GradTech Mechanical Surrey
Chris Baker, AScT Industrial Sardis
Cody Baker, GradTech Civil Kamloops
Dayne Baker, AScT Gas & Petroleum Grande Prairie
Graham Baker, GradTech Civil White Rock
Irwin Baker, CTech Geomatics Delta
Jim Baker, AScT Building Nanaimo
Jason Baker, AScT Building Burnaby
John Baker, AScT Civil Langley
Keith Baker, AScT Civil Peachland
Melanie Baker, CTech Electronics Britannia Beach
Michael Baker, CTech Geomatics Campbell River
Michael Baker, AScT Civil Salmon Arm
Peter Baker, CTech Electronics Minneapolis
Robert Baker, AScT Building Langley
James Baker, AScT Civil Burnaby
Colin Bakker, AScT Civil Squamish
Vaughn Bakker Mining Richmond
Ema Baksa, GradTech Electrical New Westminster
Paolo Balce Electronics Surrey
Gregory Balchin, AScT Mechanical Sooke
Lucas Baldini Mechanical Langley
Gary Bale, AScT Civil
Gordon Balfour, AScT Mechanical Richmond
Kevin Balfour, AScT Civil Lake Country
Stewart Balint, AScT Civil Langley
Jordon Ball, AScT Instrumentation Prince George
Kevin Ball, GradTech Civil Vernon
Liam Ball Mechanical Brentwood Bay
Bienvenido Ballano, AScT Building Kamloops
Salvatore Balletta Mechanical Coquitlam
Susan Balogh, GradTech Civil Penticton
Arturo Bamba, AScT Civil Langley
Simon Bamber, AScT, ROWP Civil Nelson
George Bamford, AScT Civil North Vancouver
Joel Bancroft, AScT Building Abbotsford
Steven Banfield, CTech, CPI, RRFA Building Mission
Dejan Banjanin, AScT Electronics Richmond
Connor Bankes Civil North Saanich
Nigel Banks, AScT Building Victoria
John Banky, AScT Geomatics Fort St. John
Clinton Bannister, GradTech Civil Kelowna
Lynart Bantog, AScT Mechanical Vancouver
Phil Banton, CTech, CPWI 2 Civil Langley
Joseph Bantugon, GradTech Mechanical North Vancouver
Santiago Barandon Jr., AScT (Provisional) Civil Langley
Mimosa Baraquio, AScT Civil Burnaby
Pedro Baraquio, AScT Civil Burnaby
Tito Barbarona, AScT Civil Richmond
Enrico Barbon, AScT Environmental New Westminster
Scott Barbour, AScT Mechanical Surrey
Ranie Barcelona, AScT Civil Delta
Kevin Barg, AScT Geomatics Nanaimo
Mitch Bariesheff, GradTech Civil Vernon
Brett Barker, AScT Civil Vernon
Larry Barker, RFPT Honourary Member North Vancouver
Giuseppina Barker Biological Sciences Rossland
Lisa Barker, CTech Civil Victoria
Shari Barker, AScT Geomatics Nanaimo
Ulrich Barkowski Mechanical Prince George
Chris Barlow, AScT Geomatics Castlegar
Colin Barnes, AScT Mechanical Black Creek
Scott Barnes, GradTech Mechanical Victoria
Wade Barnes, GradTech Electronics Victoria
Garry Barnett, AScT Civil North Vancouver
Gary Barnett, GradTech Mechanical New Westminster
Reginald Barnett, AScT Civil Victoria
Rob Barnum Building Victoria
Archie Barolo Civil New Westminster
David Baron, AScT Metallurgical Surrey
Taso Barous, AScT Electronics Victoria
Sarah Barr, AScT Environmental Port Coquitlam
Stephen Barr, AScT Electronics Duncan
Jesse Barrett, GradTech Mechanical West Kelowna
John Barrett, AScT Electrical Nanaimo
Mark Barrett, CTech, RFPT Electronics Kamloops
Steven Barrett, GradTech Civil Pitt Meadows
Terence Barretto, AScT Geomatics Richmond
Tim Barrington, GradTech Building Surrey
Fabricio Barrionvevo Mining Vancouver
Dean Barron, AScT Civil Vancouver
Cynthia Barros, GradTech Biological Sciences New Westminster
Rob Barry, AScT Mechanical Victoria
Len Barteaux, CTech Gas & Petroleum Kamloops
Tony Bartel, CTech Electrical Delta
John Bartell, AScT Environmental Coldstream
Kerry Barth, AScT Civil Comox
Tony Bartko, AScT Building Richmond
Courtney Bartlett, AScT Industrial Fernie
Scott Bartlett, AScT Electrical Rossland
Travis Bartlett, GradTech Civil Coquitlam
Sharron Bartman, CTech Electrical Kelowna
Christopher Barton, CTech Civil Terrace
Harvey Barton, AScT Mechanical New Westminster
Vlado Bartos Electrical Surrey
Bill Barwig, AScT Civil Vancouver
Gunther Barwig, AScT Building Surrey
Michael Baryluk, AScT Electrical Coquitlam
Vasyl Baryshnikov Electronics Burnaby
Steven Barz, CTech Electrical Nanaimo
Jim Barzilay, AScT Building Westbank
Gary Bashforth, AScT Electrical Hudson's Hope
Michelle Baski, AScT Chemical Maple Ridge
Dave Bass, AScT Mechanical White Rock
Chris Bassett, AScT Electronics Nanaimo
Desmond Bast Building Saanich
Cory Batch, CTech Electronics Campbell River
Steve Bateman, AScT Mechanical Cobble Hill
Keith Bateman Honourary Member Saanichton
Alex Bates, GradTech Civil Campbell River
Curtis Bates, CTech Civil Victoria
Gurveen Bath, GradTech Mechanical Richmond
Jan Bath, AScT Civil West Kelowna
Brad Bator, AScT Electronics Vancouver
Kevin Battersby, CTech Electronics Victoria
Mike Battistel, AScT Building Langley
Don Bauer, AScT Civil Calgary
Zachary Bauer Building Kamloops
Evon Bausa Mechanical Surrey
Glenn Bautista, AScT Building Langley
Simone Bawtree, CTech Chemical Kamloops
Brent Baxter, AScT Mechanical Prince George
Brent Baxter, AScT Building Richmond
Ian Baxter, CTech Electronics Victoria
Kenneth Baxter, CTech Electrical Abbotsford
Peter Baxter, CTech Electrical Langley
Chris Bayley, ROWP Environmental Duncan
Karen Bayliss, GradTech Civil Victoria
Carlos Bazan Mining Vancouver
Troy Bazille, AScT Electronics Coquitlam
Serguei Bazov, AScT Electrical Coquitlam
Melissa Beach, GradTech Civil Kelowna
Kenneth Beachey, AScT Electrical Comox
Mike Beales, CTech Civil Vancouver
Donald Bealle, AScT Electronics Burnaby
Jonathan Beamer, AScT Civil Vancouver
Michael Beard, GradTech Electronics Victoria
Ammon Beardmore, GradTech Electronics Kelowna
Brad Beaton, AScT Civil Black Creek
Christopher Beaton, AScT Building Coquitlam
Daniel Beaton, AScT Electrical Langley
Chris Beatty, CTech Civil Kamloops
C.J. Francois Beaudet, GradTech Geomatics Burnaby
Chad Beaulieu, AScT, CPWI 2 Civil Williams Lake
Patrick Beaulieu, AScT Electrical Surrey
Lyle Beck, CTech Electronics Delta
Ed Becker, CTech Mining White Rock
Jason Beckett, CTech Mechanical Victoria
Rudolf Beckmann, CTech Mechanical Vancouver
Richard Bedard, AScT Civil Vernon
Robert Bedard, AScT, CPWI 3 Civil Langley
Ross Beddoes, AScT Civil Creston
Alycia Bede, CTech Civil Chilliwack
Lee Bedell, AScT Civil Farmington
Tom Bedford, CTech Mechanical Coombs
Damien Bednarczyk Building Chilliwack
Shant Bedrossian, AScT Civil Port Moody
Jevin Beebe, AScT Mechanical Port Coquitlam
Bronwen Beedle Honourary Member Courtenay
Douglas Beesley, AScT Electronics Kamloops
Michael Beet, AScT Civil Coquitlam
Robert Beetlestone, AScT Mechanical Port Coquitlam
John Beggs, AScT Electronics Richmond
Amir Behkish, AScT Civil North Vancouver
Spencer Behn Civil New Westminster
Ali Beik, AScT (Provisional) Electronics Vancouver
Michal Belanik, AScT Electronics Vancouver
Nathaniel Belch Civil Kelowna
Christina Belcourt, GradTech Civil Lake Cowichan
Shannon Beler Building Kamloops
Rob Beleutz, AScT Environmental New Westminster
Alex Belevsky, AScT Civil Delta
Hailey Beliveau, GradTech Building Pitt Meadows
Darin Bell Building Courtenay
Erich Bell, AScT Biological Sciences Qualicum Beach
Gordon Bell, AScT Electronics Victoria
Jim Bell, AScT Gas & Petroleum Surrey
Karen Bell, AScT Electrical Langley
Matthew Bell Civil Red Deer
Steve Bell, CTech, CSO, CPI Building Vancouver
Lana Bell, AScT Electrical Surrey
Vanessa Bell, AScT Environmental Kelowna
Nathan Bellagente, GradTech Mechanical Victoria
Alex Bellemore Civil Kelowna
Sito Bello-Boulet Mechanical Vancouver
Bill Belsey, AScT Metallurgical Delta
Rob Belsham, AScT Civil Armstrong
Cody Belton, CTech Building Surrey
Joseph Benaso, GradTech Electronics Surrey
Michael Benbaruj, AScT Mechanical Vancouver
Paul Bencharski, AScT Civil Pemberton
Wade Benner, CTech Mechanical Kelowna
Murray Bennett, AScT Gas & Petroleum Charlie Lake
Eric Bennett, AScT Electrical
Kyle Bennett, GradTech Mechanical Nanaimo
Nigel Bennett, AScT Mechanical North Vancouver
Peter Bennett, AScT Biomedical Markham
Maryann Bennetts, AScT Civil Calgory
Joel Benoit Electrical Victoria
Bachir Benrabah, AScT Electronics Surrey
Brian Benson, AScT Building Burnaby
Richard Benson, CTech Civil Calgary
Grahame Bensted, AScT Civil Osoyoos
Garry Bentham, CTech, CRD Building Parksville
Kane Bentsen, AScT Building Kelowna
Vanessa Benwood, AScT Environmental Rossland
Maureen Benzon, CTech Civil North Vancouver
Garry Bepple, AScT Civil Langley
Keith Bepple, AScT Civil West Kelowna
Mark Bepple, CTech Geomatics Kamloops
Scott Bepple, AScT Civil Salmon Arm
Dan Berard, CTech Electrical Kamloops
Peter Berende, GradTech Geomatics Vancouver
Christopher Berenger Mechanical Richmond
George Berezay, CHI Building Delta
Moira Berg, AScT Civil Coquitlam
Mel Bergen, CTech Civil Coquitlam
Terry Bergen, CTech Civil Saanich
Alex Berger, AScT Mechanical Richmond
Nathaniel Bergeron, AScT Electronics Prince George
Garrett Berglund Electronics Vancouver
Grant Bergman, CRD Building Kamloops
Samantha Bergman, GradTech Electronics Mission
Larry Bergquist, AScT Mechanical White Rock
Kyle Bergsma, GradTech Mechanical Lake Country
Ciara Bergum Civil Kelowna
John Berkenpas, CTech Civil Maple Ridge
Basilio Bermejo, AScT Civil Surrey
Brando Bermejo, CTech Civil Maple Ridge
Kent Bernadet, GradTech Civil Kelowna
Nelson Bernal, CTech Electronics Surrey
Cory Bernard Mechanical Burnaby
Corrado Bernardi, AScT Civil Surrey
Caroline Bernardin, AScT Environmental Surrey
Liam Bernardin Mechanical West Kelowna
Andy Bernardino, AScT Civil Surrey
Armando Bernardino, AScT Building Richmond
Renato Bernardino, AScT Building Richmond
Jeff Bernardy, AScT, CPWI 2 Civil 150 Mile House
Marc Bernat, AScT Electronics Prince George
Michael Bernat, CTech Civil Victoria
Sig Bernat, AScT Civil Surrey
Daniel Bernauer Electronics Kelowna
Paul Berrington, AScT Civil Victoria
Allan Berry, AScT, RTMgr Mechanical Vancouver
Brian Berry, GradTech Biological Sciences Vancouver
Charlton Berry Electrical Vancouver
Frank Berry, AScT Electronics North Vancouver
Jeremy Berry Building Kamloops
Samuel Berryman, GradTech Mechanical Victoria
Gordon Berthold, CTech Electrical Coldstream
Stephen Bertoia, AScT Building Pitt Meadows
Frank Besinger, AScT Civil Valley View
Garry Bespalko, AScT, CPI Building Port Coquitlam
Andrew Best, GradTech Mechanical Coquitlam
George Best, AScT Civil Penticton
Sean Best, AScT Civil Vancouver
Trevor Beswick, AScT Electrical Hudson's Hope
Adrian Betanzo, AScT Civil Victoria
Shawn Bettesworth, AScT Civil Maple Ridge
James Betts, AScT Civil Petawawa
Kristi Betts, GradTech Civil Pentiction
Matthew Betts, AScT Electrical Port Coquitlam
Larry Betuzzi, AScT Civil Thunder Bay
Ben Beukema, AScT Electronics Langley
Tony Bevanda Building Port Coquitlam
Kam Bhachu, CTech Civil New Westminster
Randip Bhandal, AScT Building Burnaby
Sarbjit Bhandal, GradTech Electronics Surrey
Maninderpal Bhangu, GradTech Civil Surrey
Avtar Bharaj, CTech Electrical Surrey
Puneet Bhathal, GradTech Electrical Surrey
Rinku Bhatia, AScT (Provisional) Civil Surrey
Amarjit Bhatti, AScT Civil Delta
Avtar Bhatti, AScT Mechanical Prince George
Mandeep Bhatti, GradTech Electronics Surrey
Parm Bhatti, AScT Electronics Surrey
Avtar Bhoey, CTech Civil Delta
Anup Bhulabhai, CTech Mechanical Surrey
Mitch Bianchin, AScT Environmental Ocean Park
Bob Bibby, AScT Civil Vernon
Silvan Bichsel Mechanical Victoria
Tyler Bickford, GradTech Civil Victoria
Waldemar Biernacki, CTech Electronics Victoria
Douglas Biesok Mechanical Burnaby
Clayton Biggar, CTech Electronics Kamloops
Keith Biggs Civil Langley
Maenard Bihis Civil North Vancouver
Donald Bildfell, AScT Electrical Gibsons
Rommel Billanes, AScT Civil Victoria
Wayne Billings, AScT Civil Gabriola Island
William Billups, AScT Civil Penticton
Brad Billwiller Electronics Saltspring Islad
Shawn Billy, GradTech Civil Chase
Adam Bilodeau, GradTech Mechanical Charlie Lake
Austin Bilodeau Building Abbotsford
Camille Bilodeau, AScT Mechanical Coquitlam
Nickolas Bilouzenko, AScT Electronics Langley
Corey Bingham, GradTech Civil Victoria
Ryley Binkley Geomatics Canoe
Timothy Binnema, AScT Mechanical Surrey
Kenneth Binnie, AScT Mechanical Vancouver
Cary Bird, CTech Geomatics North Vancouver
Sasha Bird, AScT Civil Grand Forks
Graham Birds, AScT Civil Summerland
Sean Birdsell, AScT Civil Victoria
Doug Birkenhead, AScT Mining Kamloops
Douglas Birkenthal, AScT Electrical West Vancouver
Kurt Birkmann, CTech Civil Prince George
Chris Birnie Electronics Prince George
John Birnie, AScT Mechanical Oakville
Ted Birston, AScT Electronics Surrey
Tor Birtig, AScT Geomatics Powell River
Jaymar Bisente Chemical Richmond
Kevin Bisgrove, AScT Building Victoria
Harold Bishop, CTech Instrumentation Kelowna
Ian Bishop, AScT Information Technology Kelowna
Keith Bishop, AScT Civil Kelowna
Renu Bishwas, AScT (Provisional) Civil New Westminster
Daryl Bissett, AScT Electronics Pitt Meadows
Adam Bisson Electronics Coldstream
Geoffery Bisson, GradTech Electronics Coldstream
Stan Bitcon, CTech Industrial Maple Ridge
Diego Bittante, GradTech Civil Coquitlam
Jack Blachford, AScT Building Surrey
Leonard Black Civil West Vancouver
Wesley Black Mechanical Victoria
Barry Blackburn, AScT Electrical Abbotsford
Dachs Blackburn, AScT Geomatics Salmon Arm
Ryan Blackburn, GradTech Civil Salmon Arm
Paul Blackett, AScT, ROWP Mining Kamloops
Todd Blackstock, AScT Electronics Kelowna
Owen Blackwell, AScT Electronics Coquitlam
Ross Blackwell, AScT Forest Engineering Hope
Andy Blaine, AScT, RSIS Geomatics Victoria
William Blaine, AScT Building Penticton
David Blair, CTech Environmental Maple Ridge
Sam Blair, AScT Biological Sciences Terrace
Paul Blake Mechanical Port Alberni
Robert Blake, AScT Electronics West Vancouver
Rodney B. Blake, AScT Mining Surrey
Bill Blake, CTech Electronics Vancouver
George Blakley, CTech Electrical Cranbrook
Chris Blanchard, CTech Building Kelowna
Lisa Blanchard, GradTech Environmental Maple Ridge
Matthew Blanchard, GradTech Mechanical Victoria
Kyle Blaney, AScT Electrical Vancouver
Mark Blaseckie Electronics Victoria
Kevin Blaskovich Building Burnaby
Randy Blaskovich, AScT Chemical Rossland
Tony Bleasdale, AScT Civil West Vancouver
Brendan Bleker, GradTech Information Technology Surrey
Christina Bleskie, AScT Civil Kelowna
Kate Blight, AScT Building Vancouver
Lucas Blinkhorn, GradTech Civil Winfield
Michael Bliss, AScT Electrical Campbell River
Ernie Block, AScT Electronics Delta
Thomas Blom Mechanical Pitt Meadows
Rocky Blondin, AScT Electrical Mission
Chris Blondin, AScT Civil Abbotsford
Kenneth Blood, AScT Geomatics Lantzville
Christine Blouin, AScT Geomatics Nanaimo
Gordon Blue, CTech Electrical Vancouver
Francis Blues, AScT Civil Prince George
Richard Boates, AScT Building Delta
Miroslav Bobovsky, AScT, CHI Building North Vancouver
Marius Bocu, AScT Civil Coquitlam
Katie Boczek, AScT Civil Blaine
Alison Bodine, GradTech Electronics Burnaby
Haley Boeglin, AScT Civil Surrey
Adrian Boer, AScT Civil Chilliwack
Harold Boer, AScT Electrical Delta
Bronson Boglari, GradTech Mechanical North Vancouver
Igor Bogouchevski, AScT Building
Ken Bogress, AScT Civil Delta
Paul Bogunovic, CTech Building Chilliwack
Melvin Bohmer, CTech Civil Blairmore
Vince Boire, AScT Building Kamloops
Jason Bojey Electronics Kamloops
Farhang Bolbolan, AScT Civil Vancouver
Michael Bolch, AScT Mechanical Quesnel
Bryce Boldt, AScT, RTMgr Civil Mission
Robert Boldt, AScT Electronics Langley
Ed Bolecz, AScT Electronics Burnaby
Alex Bolland Environmental Nanaimo
Stuart Bolland, AScT Electronics Osoyoos
Laura Bolognese, AScT Biomedical Burnaby
Arden Bolton, AScT Civil Kamloops
Tony Bolton, GradTech Building Kamloops
Victor Bonaguro, AScT Electrical Gibsons
Brambhanand Bonamally, CTech Mechanical Surrey
Maneesh Bonamally Mechanical Surrey
Joseph Bonang, AScT Electrical Fort St. John
Giovanni Bonato, CTech Civil Kamloops
Della Bond, CTech Gas & Petroleum Coquitlam
Ken Bond, AScT Environmental Black Creek
Kirsten Bonderud, GradTech Building Kamloops
Gordon Bonekamp, AScT, CPWI 3 Civil Crofton
Amber Bongiovanni, GradTech Environmental Vancouver
Nestor Bonilla, GradTech Geomatics Surrey
Allan Bonisteel Electrical Richmond
Dan Bonneau, AScT Civil Victoria
Keith Bonner, AScT Electronics Coquitlam
Ivan Bonta, GradTech Chemical Burnaby
Raymond Bonter, CRD Building Abbotsford
Michael Bontron Building Kamloops
Rudy Booiman, AScT Building Surrey
Byron Book, AScT Building North Vancouver
Owen Book, AScT Civil North Vancouver
Alan Boom, AScT Civil Lantzville
Mark Boomer, CTech Mechanical Fort Nelson
Alan Boon, AScT Mining Lazo
Steve Boon, AScT Civil Prince George
Luke Booth Information Technology Victoria
Jeff Booton Building Richmond
John Booy, CTech Building Victoria
Frank Bordignon, AScT Building New Westminster
Paul Bordignon, AScT Building Coquitlam
Rick Borean, AScT Civil Nanaimo
Oliver Borghesan, CTech Geomatics Nanaimo
Peter Borgmann, AScT Environmental New Westminster
Dan Born, AScT Civil Victoria
Gerry Born, AScT Civil Kelowna
Ron Born, AScT Building Abbotsford
Steven Bortolazzo, AScT Building Coquitlam
Tina Bos, AScT Civil Victoria
Tony Bosch, AScT Chemical Kamloops
Cassandra Bosma Biological Sciences Victoria
Fred Bosma, AScT Building Mill Bay
Peter Bosomworth, AScT Mechanical North Vancouver
Alexey Bossak, GradTech Electrical Vancouver
Everett Bostock, AScT Geomatics Kamloops
Bruce Boswell, AScT Mechanical Gibsons
Dave Boswell, AScT Building Chilliwack
Justin Bot, GradTech Civil Vancouver
Danilo Boteros, CTech Electrical Vancouver
Gordon Bott, AScT Electronics Burnaby
Jerry Botti, AScT Chemical Burton
Gerald Bouchard, AScT Civil Vernon
Daniel Boucher, CTech Environmental Vancouver
Brook Boudreau, CTech Civil Prince George
Hicham Boukili, GradTech Electronics Mission
Peter Boulier, AScT Civil Surrey
Richard Boulton, AScT Mechanical Burnaby
Richard Boulton, CTech Biological Sciences Pitt Meadows
David Bourcet Mechanical Vernon
Geoffroi Bourcier, GradTech Mechanical Whitehorse
Robert Bourcier, AScT Biological Sciences Prince George
Gabriel Bourgeois, AScT Mechanical Victoria
Ian Bourne, CTech Environmental
Christopher Boutilier, AScT Electronics Port Coquitlam
Ryan Boven Civil Kelowna
Shawn Boven, AScT Civil Merritt
Kevin Bowbyes, AScT Civil Victoria
Jordy Bowen Alfaro, AScT Electrical North Vancouver
Ian Bower, CTech Civil Nanaimo
William Bowering Honourary Member Kelowna
Jim Bowie, CTech Industrial Grande Prairie
Jordan Bowie, AScT Building Nanaimo
Ryan Bowley, GradTech Civil Vancouver
John Bowling, AScT Civil Penticton
Ian Bowman, AScT Electrical Surrey
John Bowman Honourary Member
Bob Bowman, AScT Civil North Vancouver
Katherine Bown, GradTech Civil Chilliwack
Kevin Bowyer, CTech Civil Port Coquitlam
John Box, AScT Civil Coldstream
Ken Boyce, AScT Electrical Langley
Brian Boyd, AScT Building West Vancouver
Ken Boyd, CTech Mechanical Qualicum Beach
Nicholas Boyd, GradTech Geomatics Summerland
Harold Boyden, AScT Geomatics Duncan
Glenn Boyko, AScT Electronics Kelowna
Jack Boyle, AScT Electrical Vancouver
Sharon Boyles, AScT Civil Summerland
Christopher Boys, GradTech Civil Squamish
Ryan Brabander, GradTech Mechanical Nanaimo
Andrew Brabandt, GradTech Civil Kelowna
Josh Bracey, CTech Civil Prince George
Karl Brackhaus Honourary Member Calgary
Gib Bradbury, AScT Electrical St. Petersburg
Douglas Braden, GradTech Electronics Oak Bay
Bill Braden, AScT Civil Campbell River
Alexis Bradley Civil Kelowna
Dan Bradley, AScT Mechanical Vancouver
Tony Bradley Honourary Member
John Bradshaw, AScT Electronics Richmond
Gray Bradwell, AScT Electronics Roberts Creek
Emily Braithwaite, GradTech Biological Sciences Sidney
Chad Braley, AScT Civil Langley
Katie Bramhall, AScT Electronics Vancouver
Lorelei Brandle, AScT Environmental Vancouver
Adam Brar, GradTech Civil Abbotsford
Bikrem Brar, GradTech Civil Abbotsford
Depinder Brar Electronics Surrey
Jagjeet Brar Mechanical Surrey
Jugraj Singh Brar, CTech Civil Surrey
Nav Brar, AScT Mechanical Surrey
Nirmal Brar Electrical Surrey
Rylee Brassart Mechanical Mission
Rick Brattinga, AScT Civil Winfield
Benjamin Brauer, AScT Mechanical Vancouver
Gary Braun, AScT Civil Victoria
John Braun, AScT Civil Richmond
Michael Brautigan Electronics Victoria
Kenneth Brawn, AScT Electronics Burnaby
John Bray Electronics Kelowna
Bradley Braybrook, CTech Gas & Petroleum Lake Country
Bulger Brayden Mechanical Victoria
Dan Brazier, AScT Geomatics Victoria
Chad Brechin, AScT, RBD Building Abbotsford
Peter Breen, AScT Electronics Victoria
Bruce Breitkreutz, AScT Metallurgical Surrey
Clint Brekkas, GradTech Civil Penticton
John Bremner Honourary Member North Vancouver
Bernard Brend, CTech Electrical Victoria
Paul Brend, AScT Civil Victoria
Crowdis Brenen, GradTech Civil Victoria
Clarissa Brennan, AScT, RTMgr Mechanical Coquitlam
Josh Brenner, GradTech Electronics Vancouver
Samuel Brenner, GradTech Civil Victoria
Sean Brent, AScT Building Burnaby
John Bresnick, AScT Geomatics Surrey
Greg Brett, AScT Biomedical Kelowna
Robin Breuer, AScT Building
Adele Brick, GradTech Civil Prince George
Dwayne Brideaux, AScT Civil Victoria
David Brideson Mechanical Nelson
Andrew Bridge Electronics North Vancouver
Jody Bridge, AScT Civil Vernon
Sheila Bridge, AScT Civil Vernon
Thomas Bridge Mechanical Kelowna
Bruce Briere, GradTech Mechanical Prince George
John Briggs, AScT Civil New Westminster
Robert Briggs, GradTech Civil Lake Country
Allen Brin, CTech Civil Prince George
Andrew Brink, AScT Mechanical Prince George
Michael Brinoni, GradTech Building Williams Lake
Cheyanne Brinson, AScT Mechanical Abbotsford
Matthew Brion Mechanical Abbotsford
Keir Briscoe, AScT Electronics Forest Park
Michael Bristol, AScT Geomatics Richmond
Chris Britten Mining Vancouver
Michael Britz, CTech Electronics Delta
Bill Bro, CTech Civil Kelowna
Hall Broadhurst, AScT Electrical Victoria
Chris Brockway, CTech Civil Surrey
Aaron Bromma, GradTech Electronics Victoria
Andrew Brooks Building Abbotsford
Barry Brooks, AScT, CHI, RRFA(L) Electrical Vernon
Jennifer Brooks, CTech Geomatics Smithers
Nathan Brooks, CTech Civil Vanderhoof
Sean Brophy Mechanical Vancouver
Michael Brosch, GradTech Mechanical Kamloops
Alexander Brosky, GradTech Mechanical Victoria
Stephanie Brosky Chemical Victoria
David Brost, AScT Electrical Duncan
Chris Brot, AScT Geomatics Nanoose Bay
Aaron Brotherston, AScT Civil Victoria
Kathy Brotherston, CRD Building Surrey
Douglas Brough, AScT Building Penticton
Gordon Broughton, AScT Metallurgical Coquitlam
Jared Brounstein, AScT Civil Clearwater
Andrew Brown Electrical Vancouver
Arlen Brown, CTech Electrical Nanaimo
Ben Brown, AScT Geomatics Prince George
Bevin Brown, AScT Building Kamloops
Brian Brown, AScT Mining Prince George
Brian Brown, GradTech Building Prince George
Cailey Brown, GradTech Mining Fort St John
Chris Brown, AScT Environmental Coombs
Christopher Brown Information Technology Kelowna
Dave Brown, AScT Metallurgical Surrey
Jason Brown, GradTech Mechanical Victoria
Jeffery Brown, CTech Electrical Edmonton
Jeff Brown, AScT Electronics Richmond
Kristy Brown, CTech Civil Prince George
Larry Brown, CTech Civil Nelson
Logan Brown Civil Delta
Matthew Brown, AScT Mechanical Vancouver
Riley Brown, GradTech Civil Langley
Sandra Brown, AScT Geomatics Roberts Creek
Scott Brown, GradTech Mechanical Vancouver
Spencer Brown, CTech Industrial Surrey
Steve Brown, AScT Civil Surrey
Steve Brown Information Technology Penticton
Tymon Brown, AScT Geomatics Campbell River
Pete Browne, CTech Electrical Coquitlam
George Brownell, AScT Mechanical North Vancouver
Trish Browning, GradTech Civil Garibaldi Highlands
David Bruce, AScT Geomatics Kelowna
Craig Bruce, AScT Electronics Cranbrook
Rory Bruce, CTech Electronics Cranbrook
Carl Bruggeman, AScT Building Burnaby
Yannic Brugman, GradTech Civil Vancouver
Mike Brumwell, AScT Biomedical Vernon
Stuart Brundrige, AScT Civil Cobble Hill
Denis Bruneau, AScT Building Coquitlam
Werner Brunke, AScT Electronics Langley
Tracy Brunlees, AScT Civil Langley
Othmar Brunner, CTech Electrical Tsawwassen
Ray Brunner, AScT Electronics Penticton
Renee Bruno, AScT Building Grande Prairie
Troy Bruvold, AScT Industrial Kamloops
Kevin Bryan Mechanical Coquitlam
Sehon Bryan Electrical Edmonton
David Bryans, CTech Civil North Vancouver
Ron Brydon, CTech Civil Kelowna
Jackson Bryla Mechanical Burnaby
Derek Brzoza, AScT Environmental
Vanco Bubov Civil Nanaimo
Christina Bucci Civil Invermere
Sara Bucci, AScT Building Campbell River
Gregory Buchholz, AScT Civil Lake Country
Steven Bucholtz, GradTech Information Technology Summerland
Robert Buckland, AScT Building Surrey
Olyvia Buckler, GradTech Civil Nanaimo
Hugh Buckley, AScT Geomatics Trail
Keith Buckley Mechanical Victoria
Mark Buckley, AScT Geomatics Trail
Ken Buckton, AScT Geomatics Mission
Daniel Budau Mechanical Surrey
Erik Buechert, CTech Electronics Burnaby
Andi Buechi, AScT Civil Kelowna
Sherwin Bui, GradTech Mechanical Vancouver
Conner Buick Civil Vernon
Earl Buker, AScT Geomatics Mission
David Bukovec, AScT Industrial North Saanich
David Bulger, AScT Electrical Vancouver
Reza Bulghani Civil Victoria
Irma Buller, CTech Mechanical Vancouver
Sean Bulman Building Kamloops
Bruce Bunce, AScT Electronics Kelowna
Jason Bunn, AScT Mechanical Kitimat
Bob Bunting, AScT Geomatics North Vancouver
Paul Bunyan, GradTech Civil North Saanich
Gordon Burdge, AScT, RBD Building Cowichan Bay
Bernard Burgat, AScT Civil Kelowna
Aaron Burgess, CTech Information Technology Burnaby
Dillon Burgess Mechanical Coquitlam
Ian Burgess, AScT Mechanical Delta
Randy Burgin, CTech Building Victoria
Justin Burkatsky, AScT Building Kamloops
Wade Burke, CTech Electronics Burnaby
Jeff Burkinshaw, AScT Electrical Prince George
Mark Burleigh, AScT, RTMgr Electrical Penticton
Richard Burman, GradTech Mechanical Victoria
Alison Burnett Building Kamloops
Bradley Burritt Building Rosedale
Lloyd Burshtynski, AScT Mechanical Surrey
Tom Burt, CTech Gas & Petroleum Langley
Lionel Burton, CRD Building Surrey
Melony Burton, AScT Civil Vancouver
Peter Burville, AScT Civil Vancouver
Sarah Busch Electronics Victoria
Doug Bush, AScT, RSIS Geomatics Whistler
Jack Bush, AScT Electrical Kelowna
Paula Bussing, AScT Civil Vernon
Robert Busteed, CTech Mechanical Victoria
Jeffrey Butcher, AScT Environmental Sidney
Craig Butler, AScT Mechanical Kingston
Rachel Butler, AScT Gas & Petroleum Fort St. John
Wesley Butler, CTech Civil Surrey
Lovejit Buttar, GradTech Mechanical Delta
Paul Butterfield, AScT Civil Victoria
Christy-Elaine Butterworth, CTech Building Burnaby
Adam Bux, AScT Building Kamloops
Chris Buxton, GradTech Electrical Port Coquitlam
Sean Buxton, GradTech Electronics Richmond
Sean Buzash, GradTech Biological Sciences Saskatoon
Ron Buziol, CTech Civil North Vancouver
Jeff Bycraft, AScT Civil Richmond
Cory Byerley, AScT Electronics Maple Ridge
Harry Byl, AScT Mechanical Kelowna
Frank Byrne, AScT Mechanical Port Coquitlam
Robert Byrne, CTech Chemical Vernon
Bruce Byun Building Vancouver