BC's Technology Professionals

Technologists, technicians and technical specialists achieve professional recognition through the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC). The eighth largest self-regulating association in BC, ASTTBC has registered 10,000 Technology Professionals.

Technologists, technicians an6d technical specialists work in applied science technology fields such as architecture, bio-medical engineering, building, civil, electrical, electronics, environmental, fire protection, house inspection, information, mechanical, onsite wastewater and other related disciplines tied to the built and natural environment.

These Technology Professionals design, construct, inspect, test, maintain and manage most of the world around us including buildings, computers, electrical power, all manner of equipment, roads, environment, and water and wastewater systems. They work in private enterprise, for consulting engineering and technology companies, in all levels of government and as private consultants.

Technology Professionals enjoy stimulating and rewarding careers often involving a combination of inside work including design and project management as well as on-site field work. They are in high demand, even when the economy is slow. Technology Professionals' compensation varies, ranging from salaries of $60,000 to $125,000 and more, plus benefits. There are great opportunities for under-represented groups including women (currently 10% of the technology work force) and First Nations.

More than 25 Years Serving BC Under the ASTT Act

British Columbia conferred the status of a self-governing professional association on its technologists and technicians when the legislature passed the ASTT Act in 1985. The Act signaled a fundamental step on the journey from society initially formed in 1958 by a few visionaries to the fully-fledged professional association that is the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC. In 2010, the 25th anniversary of the ASTT Act, ASTTBC registered more than 9,500 technologists, technicians and technical specialists working in the vanguard of technology in all corners of BC. As of the 2013 Annual General Meeting this May, our active membership will number more than 10,000.

ASTTBC CEO Talks Technology Careers on Radio NL Kamloops

"Promoting technology education and careers is just part of what we do… sometimes off the side of our desk… but this responsibility is always present," said ASTTBC CEO John Leech.

Jim Harrison of Radio NL in Kamloops recently hosted John during which the two talked technology education and careers. Leech indicated strong support for the BC JOBS program and pointed to the many tools available on the WorkBC website to help employers learn about BC's labour market and that provide career seekers with information about skills gaps and opportunities. "ASTTBC has been supporting the BC Government for several years as they have developed a comprehensive suite of resources," said Leech. "We are pleased with the progress that has been made and in the process identified many areas where ASTTBC can work together with Government to help meet the skills demands over the next decade."

ASTTBC's new slogan 'TECHNOLOGY SIZZLES, Get cooking with ASTTBC' is prominent on a new apron ASTTBC is handing out. Jim Harrison sports an ASTTBC apron following the interview with Leech.

Kamloops Radio
Minister Yamamoto Talks Small Business with ASTTBC Leaders

Minister of State for Tourism and Small Business Naomi Yamamoto (MLA for North Vancouver-Lonsdale) talked with ASTTBC leaders about opportunities to work together with Government to learn more about ASTTBC members working in small business.

"Many members of ASTTBC own and operate or work for small and medium size firms and through their services make a significant contribution to BC’s economy,” said ASTTBC President Dave Rutherford. “We had a great chat with the Minister and as a result identified a few areas where ASTTBC can assist Government move forward as they work to support and assist small business.” ASTTBC Council member David Sparanese, AScT, CPWI 3 (far right) and ASTTBC CEO John Leech joined Dave at the meeting with Minister Yamamoto. ASTTBC committed to working with the Minister by identifying areas where current regulations hinder small business and offered up suggestions where new Regulations might assist BC businesses.

ASTTBC Building Designers May Forum

ASTTBC's Building Designers met in early May, 2015 to discuss the ways and means of renewing and reenergizing the focus of this particular discipline.

"This meeting was a modest first step in re-igniting ASTTBC building designers within ASTTBC," said ASTTBC CEO John Leech. "When the Architectural Institute of BC (AIBC) launched an effort almost a decade ago to draw architectural / building technologists into their association, ASTTBC put our Building Designers Institute of BC (BDIBC) on hold. Recently AIBC decided it would accept 'architectural technologists' but would not embrace building designers in independent practice. It is now timely that ASTTBC revitalize our designers in order that the Association is on top of designers' interests and needs and is poised to address their issues."

Local Government and Technology Professionals Intersect

The role of technologists, technicians and technical specialists working within and providing services to local government was part of the conversation at a recent ASTTBC member meeting in Victoria.

On hand to speak to the 60 members was the Executive Director of the Local Government Management Association, Nancy Taylor. “Local governments are a large employer of ASTTBC members; they also engage the services of ASTTBC members either directly or through the member's employer,” said ASTTBC CEO John Leech. “We appreciated that Nancy took time out of her busy schedule to talk about the role of LGMA and of its members, the Chief Administrative Officers and senior staff of local and regional levels of government.” ASTTBC and LGMA have been connecting over the past 3 - 4 years for the purposes of staying in touch and to collaborate in areas of common interest.

Nancy received an ASTTBC clock as a thank you gift.

asttbc clock
ASTTBC Supports "Kids in Space"

A group of Grade 7 students from McGowan Park Elementary in Kamloops BC made the news recently when their project was accepted in the Student Spaceflight Experiment Program (SSEP). While off to a rocky start when the rocket Booster that was carrying the experiment exploded on lift off; the project was duplicated and eventually made it up to the International Space Stationwhere successful, measurable findings were achieved.

Now in Grade 8, the students have been invited to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC on July 2, 2015 to present their findings. They need our help to raise the money for the 4 students and 1 teacher involved in the project to get to Washington and for accommodations.

ASTTBC and the ASTTBC Foundation are pleased to support this group of BC kids that will show the world the quality and depth of technology skills in our school system.

"ASTTBC is a champion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and is honored to support these students as they represent their school, their city and their province" stated John Leech, ASTTBC CEO.

For further information on the PROJECT

McGowan Park Elementary SSEP Project
245 Kitchener Crescent
Kamloops BC V2B 1B9

The Kamloops School District will issue receipts!

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