BC's Technology Professionals

Technologists, technicians and technical specialists achieve professional recognition through the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC). The eighth largest self-regulating association in BC, ASTTBC has registered 10,000 Technology Professionals.

Technologists, technicians an6d technical specialists work in applied science technology fields such as architecture, bio-medical engineering, building, civil, electrical, electronics, environmental, fire protection, house inspection, information, mechanical, onsite wastewater and other related disciplines tied to the built and natural environment.

These Technology Professionals design, construct, inspect, test, maintain and manage most of the world around us including buildings, computers, electrical power, all manner of equipment, roads, environment, and water and wastewater systems. They work in private enterprise, for consulting engineering and technology companies, in all levels of government and as private consultants.

Technology Professionals enjoy stimulating and rewarding careers often involving a combination of inside work including design and project management as well as on-site field work. They are in high demand, even when the economy is slow. Technology Professionals' compensation varies, ranging from salaries of $60,000 to $125,000 and more, plus benefits. There are great opportunities for under-represented groups including women (currently 10% of the technology work force) and First Nations.

More than 30 Years Serving BC Under the ASTT Act

British Columbia conferred the status of a self-governing professional association on its technologists and technicians when the legislature passed the ASTT Act in 1985. The Act signaled a fundamental step on the journey from society initially formed in 1958 by a few visionaries to the fully-fledged professional association that is the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC. In 2010, the 25th anniversary of the ASTT Act, ASTTBC registered more than 9,500 technologists, technicians and technical specialists working in the vanguard of technology in all corners of BC. As of the 2013 Annual General Meeting this May, our active membership will number more than 10,000.

ASTTBC Supports Small Business Month - Award Nominations Requested

Small Business BC (SBBC) is seeking nominations for its 13th Annual Small Business Awards. ASTTBC members are encouraged to put forward a nomination for a worthy firm.


ASTTBC is party to a Memorandum of Agreement with SBBC, signaling a joint interest in supporting small businesses in the engineering and applied science technology fields. ASTTBC is also working on a survey that will go to all members this Fall, from which ASTTBC will learn more about our members needs and interests in managing small businesses.

“ASTTBC is ramping up our efforts to support and assist ASTTBC members or their employers who operate small and medium sized businesses,” said ASTTBC CEO John Leech. “October is Small Business Month in BC, providing a great opportunity to enhance support to ASTTBC technology professionals as they manage small enterprises in BC.” 

ASTTBC September eNews Now Available Online!

ASTTBC’s monthly eNewsletter is now available online for our Members to review. As well as up to date articles regarding Association activities, we have snippets from our Members and stakeholders. There are featured job postings from ASTTBC's TechJOBS website and CPD opportunities.


Keep in touch with YOUR Association!




Disability Employment Month - ASTTBC Connecting

September 2015 is BC's second annual Disability Employment Month during which the BC Government and other stakeholders will celebrate the contribution of people with disabilities and celebrate employers who have established an inclusive work environment.

Over the past couple of years ASTTBC has been connecting with organizations working to support and assist people with disabilities, most notably as their talents are realized and put into action in the workplace and broader community. Here are a few examples of what ASTTBC is doing:

  • ASTTBC staff regularly invites folk from Studio 73, a shop specializing in fused glass and affiliated with the Community Living Society, to bring their work to the office. Their amazing work has brought many sales over the years. YOUR business in Metro Vancouver may wish to invite Studio 73 to visit and showcase their work. HERE is their WEBSITE
  • Brandon Dahl, also affiliated with Community Living Society, designed a 'special note' sheet for ASTTBC. See his design in the header above. Brandon recently provided ASTTBC with several designs for possible use in products and services such as the ASTTBC Salary Survey and ASTTBC Member Satisfaction Survey
  • SAFERhome Society BC has recently connected again with ASTTBC to look for ways to collaborate. ASTTBC is supporting SAFERhome in their work to promote sustainable living design and construction in residential buildings
  • ASTTBC is engaging with the Community Living Society to explore ways the two groups might collaborate to define and promote careers for people with disabilities in engineering and technology fields. ASTTBC anticipates our engagement could result in such actions as a survey of ASTTBC members and their employers to determine the roles being performed by people with disabilities and an awareness program that elevates support among technology employers.

ASTTBC has in recent years engaged with the BC Government as we help elevate awareness of technology careers. During these conversations ASTTBC has indicated an interest in partnering with the BC Government and other agencies to advance technology careers with people with disabilities.

ASTTBC supports Disability Employment Month and will continue to support the full utilization of the many skills of persons with disabilities. 

Public Representatives Report Tabled at ASTTBC AGM & With Minister Wilkinson

The Public Representatives (PR) serving on ASTTBC Council decided early on that they would prepare a report outlining areas warranting commendation and recommendations as part of their service to the Association and to the public.

At AGM 2015 the PRs tabled their report and subsequently sent the report to the Minister of Advanced Education, the Honourable Andrew Wilkinson, who has oversight of the ASTT Act. The Report is made available to all Members of the BC Legislature and the BC Members of Parliament. The Report is being reviewed by ASTTBC Council for possible action.

The Report generally commends ASTTBC on a number of fronts and offers recommendations. About the governance of the Association and on the participation of Public representatives, the Report indicated, “ASTTBC Council meetings run openly, transparently, professionally and efficiently. The Public representatives are afforded the opportunity to fully engage and participate in providing contributions, opinions and recommendations to Council governance, and decision-making relative to issues of public interest.”   

The Report focuses on a few key areas:

* Professional regulation & legislation

* Rights to practice

* Professional standards and regulation

* Professional recognition

* International recognition & certification

Read the Report HERE

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