BC's Technology Professionals

Technologists, technicians and technical specialists achieve professional recognition through the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC). The eighth largest self-regulating association in BC, ASTTBC has registered 10,000 Technology Professionals.

Technologists, technicians an6d technical specialists work in applied science technology fields such as architecture, bio-medical engineering, building, civil, electrical, electronics, environmental, fire protection, house inspection, information, mechanical, onsite wastewater and other related disciplines tied to the built and natural environment.

These Technology Professionals design, construct, inspect, test, maintain and manage most of the world around us including buildings, computers, electrical power, all manner of equipment, roads, environment, and water and wastewater systems. They work in private enterprise, for consulting engineering and technology companies, in all levels of government and as private consultants.

Technology Professionals enjoy stimulating and rewarding careers often involving a combination of inside work including design and project management as well as on-site field work. They are in high demand, even when the economy is slow. Technology Professionals' compensation varies, ranging from salaries of $60,000 to $125,000 and more, plus benefits. There are great opportunities for under-represented groups including women (currently 10% of the technology work force) and First Nations.

More than 30 Years Serving BC Under the ASTT Act

British Columbia conferred the status of a self-governing professional association on its technologists and technicians when the legislature passed the ASTT Act in 1985. The Act signaled a fundamental step on the journey from society initially formed in 1958 by a few visionaries to the fully-fledged professional association that is the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC. In 2010, the 25th anniversary of the ASTT Act, ASTTBC registered more than 9,500 technologists, technicians and technical specialists working in the vanguard of technology in all corners of BC. As of the 2013 Annual General Meeting this May, our active membership will number more than 10,000.

Technology Professionals Canada Poised to Incorporate

Presidents (left to right) from Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan and Ontario sign filing documents for the incorporation of Technology Professionals Canada. Pictured are Norm Kyle, P.L.(Eng), P.Tech,(Eng); Keith Trulson, AScT, Eng.L; Mike Sazynski, AScT; and Bob van den Berg, C.E.T. 

The Presidents of the technology associations for BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario met in Ottawa to put their signatures to documents leading to incorporation of Technology Professionals Canada (TPC). "This was an historic meeting for our four provinces as we take our alliance to the next logical step in our growing relationship and commitment to work together in service to our professional associations," said ASTTBC President Keith Trulson, AScT, Eng.L. "Incorporation sends a strong message to our 55,000 members and their employers as well as education, industry and government partners that TPC is here to assist the four professional associations as they strive to meet their mandate to serve the public as self-governing professional associations."

TPC, representing technology associations who combined have over 85% of the registered technologists and technicians in Canada, has been at work for the past four years building professional regulatory resources, notably Technology Accreditation Canada, a national corporation that accredits technology programs against a national standard. Accreditation of a technology program assures students, employers and the profession that graduates meet the minimum education standards for professional certification and registration. The national standard, Canadian Technology Accreditation Criteria (CTAC), has been approved and posted to the TAC web site.

"ASTTBC helped provide the financial and people resources needed to establish the TAC accreditation program," said Trulson. "An estimated $1M was invested in the last four years to develop and launch TAC." The formation of TAC started with a full review by the Canadian Standards Association of the model provided by another accreditation body and reviewing models in other parts of the world. CSA, a highly regarded standards setting and quality assurance body, has been contracted by TPC and TAC to carry out other projects leading to tools and resources that enhance the professional regulatory framework in the four provinces and nationally. TPC will be headquartered in Ottawa.

ASTTBC Staff Awards Recognizes 5 Staff with Combined 55 Years of Service

Pictured are some of the ASTTBC staff who joined in recognizing colleagues with many years of service (l to r): Charles Joyner; Heather Stevens; Franke Bracht; Julie Li (5 years); Elvira O'Kane (5 years); Karen Taylor (10 years); Meg Kalinowska (15 years); Nicky Malli (20 years); John Leech; Lumi Guias; Cindy Aitken; Amy Liu (back); Erin Macedo; Geoff Sale; and, Jacqueline de Raadt

ASTTBC has a great staff according to ASTTBC CEO John Leech. “We invest a fair bit of time in recruiting people who will fit nicely with ASTTBC’s culture and as a result we have staff that has been with us many years,” said Leech.

Recently John handed out five awards recognizing 5, 10, 15 and 20 years on staff with ASTTBC.  “It is a pleasure presenting plaques to staff who have loaned their skills to ASTTBC over many years.”

ASTTBC’s 34 staff equates to about 24 full time equivalent positions.  

ASTTBC Celebrates Manitoba Association 50th

ASTTBC President Keith Trulson and CEO John Leech were on hand to help recognize the 50th anniversary of the Certified Technicians and Technologists Association of Manitoba (CTTAM).

Keith (left in photo) presented CTTAM President Neil Klassen, C.E.T. with a 50th anniversary commemorative plaque at a very successful celebratory dinner. “It was a pleasure to attend and help CTTAM celebrate its first 50 years,” said ASTTBC President Trulson.

The President or other representatives from several other provinces were in attendance to help mark this special occasion.

Ralph Hargreaves, AScT Receives BCIT Award

Pictured at the BCIT awards dinner were senior leaders of ASTTBC (l to r): Kevin Osman, AScT (ASTTBC volunteer); Jason Jung, AScT, ASTTBC Manager, Professional Practice and Development) ; John Leech, AScT (CEO); Trent Reid, CTech (Vice President); Keith Trulson, AScT, Eng.L. (President); Geoff Sale AScT (Manager, Internationally Trained technology Professionals Program); Ralph Hargreaves AScT; and, Dave Rutherford, AScT, BCLS, CLS (Past President and Department Head, Geomatics at BCIT).

ASTTBC is pleased to report on the BCIT Faculty and Staff Association Award that was presented to ASTTBC member, Ralph Hargreaves, AScT.

Ralph was honoured at BCITs awards dinner that concluded a yearlong celebration of BCIT’s 50th anniversary. Ralph is a BCIT graduate from the first BCIT graduating class! Four years later he joined the BCIT faculty. Ralph retired this year after 47 years of service to the Institute.

ASTTBC congratulates Ralph for his contribution to BCIT as he taught, mentored and nurtured hundreds of technology students.     

ErinPatrick Williams, RCSO Receives National Award

ErinPatrick Williams, RCSO a senior member of the ASTTBC Construction Safety Officer Certification Board received a National Canada Life Saving Award on October 28th for his skill and professionalism in life saving actions. He is credited with saving a man's life after he had suffered a heart attack and was not breathing.

Mr. Williams began CPR and administered several shocks with an AED, which revived the patient allowing him to be transported to hospital for further care. ErinPatrick credits his training and the role that mandatory Continuing Professional Development plays to ensure skills and competencies are always current and effective.

All members of ASTTBC wish to congratulate ErinPatrick Williams, RCSO for his high level of professionalism and skill in an emergency.

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