BC's Technology Professionals

Technologists, technicians and technical specialists achieve professional recognition through the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC). The eighth largest self-regulating association in BC, ASTTBC has registered 10,000 Technology Professionals.

Technologists, technicians an6d technical specialists work in applied science technology fields such as architecture, bio-medical engineering, building, civil, electrical, electronics, environmental, fire protection, house inspection, information, mechanical, onsite wastewater and other related disciplines tied to the built and natural environment.

These Technology Professionals design, construct, inspect, test, maintain and manage most of the world around us including buildings, computers, electrical power, all manner of equipment, roads, environment, and water and wastewater systems. They work in private enterprise, for consulting engineering and technology companies, in all levels of government and as private consultants.

Technology Professionals enjoy stimulating and rewarding careers often involving a combination of inside work including design and project management as well as on-site field work. They are in high demand, even when the economy is slow. Technology Professionals' compensation varies, ranging from salaries of $60,000 to $125,000 and more, plus benefits. There are great opportunities for under-represented groups including women (currently 10% of the technology work force) and First Nations.

More than 25 Years Serving BC Under the ASTT Act

British Columbia conferred the status of a self-governing professional association on its technologists and technicians when the legislature passed the ASTT Act in 1985. The Act signaled a fundamental step on the journey from society initially formed in 1958 by a few visionaries to the fully-fledged professional association that is the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC. In 2010, the 25th anniversary of the ASTT Act, ASTTBC registered more than 9,500 technologists, technicians and technical specialists working in the vanguard of technology in all corners of BC. As of the 2013 Annual General Meeting this May, our active membership will number more than 10,000.

Honourary Member Dan Lambert, PEng Receives Medal for Service in WW2

Dan Lambert PEng displays his French Medal of Honour
Two chums pose for photo after dinner. Dan Lambert (right) joined APEBC as Managing Director in 1973, one year before ASTTBC CEO John Leech was hired by SETBC (changed to ASTTBC with the ASTT Act in 1985)

Dan Lambert, PEng, the Managing Director of the Engineers back in the mid-70s to mid-80s and aHonourary Member of ASTTBC recently received the rank of Knight of the National Order of the Legion of Honour from the French Government.

Two chums pose for photo after dinner. Dan Lambert (right) joined APEBC as Managing Director in 1973, one year before ASTTBC CEO John Leech was hired by SETBC (changed to ASTTBC with the ASTT Act in 1985)

"What a great surprise to learn of this honour," said ASTTBC CEO, John Leech who had dinner with Dan the other night. "Dan at 97 was his usual effervescent self as we carried on a great conversation over dinner. Dan and I find time to dine together a few times each year. It is always a treat." CONGRATS Dan!

ASTTBC eNews Now Available Online!

ASTTBC’s monthly eNewsletter is now available online for our Members to review. As well as up to date articles regarding Association activities, we have snippets from our Members and stakeholders. There are featured job postings from ASTTBC’s TechJOBS website and CPD opportunities.

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Licensing of Builders is Enhanced

ASTTBC applauds the decision of the BC Government to enhance professionalism and standards of BC builders through professional certification and mandatory continuing professional development. Under the Homeowner Protection Act the regulations that enhance licensing will work to protect new homebuyers.


"This is a great step forward for BC consumers and industry. A great deal of credit goes to Minister Coleman, Ministry staff, Homeowner Protection Office and the Canadian Home Builders Association of BC who worked diligently over many years to bring about this historic change," enthused ASTTBC CEO John Leech.

For more information:

  • LETTER from Shayne Ramsay, CEO, BC Housing
  • NEWS RELEASE from Canadian Home Builders Association of BC
  • WHAT’S NEW from Homeowner Protection Office (HPO)
Building Act Receives Royal Assent

The new Building Act has passed through the final Legislative process, achieving Royal Assent on March 25, 2015. This sets the stage for Regulations to be developed and approved, following which key programs such as licensing of Building Officials will follow.

In a message sent out from Jeff Vasey, Assistant Deputy Minister, Office of Housing and Construction Standards, he indicated that the focus now shifts to the implementation of the BUILDING ACT and he wanted to stress two important items:

Timing of changes: None of the Act comes into force at Royal Assent. Sections will be brought into force after the necessary supporting regulations are prepared. Local governments will have two years to rescind local building requirements from their bylaws starting from the time the appropriate sections of the Building Act come into force. Similarly, requirements for building officials will be staged in over four years from the time the appropriate sections of the Act come into force. The Act was designed to provide for transition periods to give those affected by these changes ample time to prepare.

More information: The Province will be providing information to help those affected by the Building Act. They are preparing a Building Act Guide and will be posting it to their website. The Guide and website information will be rolled out as the supporting regulations are prepared, and will be shared widely. In addition, they are planning other educational support such as webinars and presentations. Through these efforts, they hope to answer stakeholder questions regarding the Act and resulting changes.

"It is an historic day for BC. This statute will provide the much-needed foundational framework for regulating BC's built environment" said ASTTBC CEO John Leech. "We congratulate Minister Coleman who has led the building file for the better part of a decade. Ministry staff under the leadership of Assistant Deputy Minister Jeff Vasey should also take a bow as their dedication and commitment to this initiative has not wavered in the decade it has taken to bring this legislation to reality. We salute you!"

ASTTBC Celebrates International Women’s Day
Women's Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, ASTTBC sponsored a special International Women’s Day Breakfast hosted by MLA Stephanie Cadieux, Barinder Rasode and Yvonne Hogenes.

This year’s theme, #Make it Happen, represented an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women as well as highlight the work still to do in pursuit of equality.

ASTTBC members, staff, and students from KPU and BCIT, enjoyed inspirational stories by local women who really ‘Make It Happen’ and money was raised to support Servants Anonymous Society of Surrey.

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